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1. Training in

  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) technology
  • Plug & Mould Making
  • Propulsion equipment Installation & Maintenance
  • Navigation Systems Installation / Trouble Shooting / Maintenance
  • Stability / Safety regulations
  • Fitting
  • Boat Electrical Systems
  • AutoCAD – 2D drafting & 3D drafting
  • Fishing Technology & Fish Preservation Systems

2. Consultancy / Counseling in

  • Production Management
  • Quality Management
  • Supervisory skills development
  • Boat designing & model testing
  • Lay out  planning
  • Boat building projects planning and monitoring

3. Establish and operate an information centre for boat building & multi day fishing technology.

4. Entrepreneurial competency development on new / improved methods for fish preservation on board / transportation / storage / handling.

5. Affiliation to international institute in the field of FRP technology / boat building.

6. Develop and promote local and international markets for new boats / crafts.


Fiberglass (FRP) is a sine qua non.

Today fiberglass material (FRP) has become a sine qua non in the fishing boat building industry in Sri Lanka. Weather it is traditional fishing crafts such as Oru, Vallams, Paruwa, Kattumaram, Teppam or 60 footer multiday modern & mechanized fishing boats fiberglass has become the only raw material that could do the job. All the existing boat yards in Sri Lanka including the traditional ones they all use fiberglass material in their fishing boat building industry. This need will continue for many years in this field of activity till a suitable alternative is found. This alternative must be less costlier than FRP if it has to become a success. So as it is the need for the use of better quality suitable & technically proven & manufactured to internationally accepted standard is a crying need of the day.

Other fiberglass products.

Internationally FRP material has become a multi advantages item today. Apart from building boats for fishing purposes FRP boats are manufactured for water sports, leasure activities, tourism, transportation crafts etc. It has also become a building material of other crafts such as aircrafts parts, vehicle parts, & also a number of household goods. The BTI in its plans has included the imparting of knowledge & training to its trainees in above mentioned activities as well in addition to fishing boat building. The BTI Boat Show which is the first ever boat show in Sri Lanka is planed such a way to give the Sri Lankans an overview of the possibilities of the fiberglass manufacturing world .In our view those interested who wish to participate in this exhibition namely the BTI Boat Show scheduled for the 08th, 09th & 10th June, 2008 will have a grate opportunity of witnessing these realities.